Rack from front

At the heart of our operations is a meticulously designed server infrastructure, securely housed within ten units of a top-tier 42U rack. Providing approximately 230 liters of computational capacity, our setup is powered by a robust dual 2kW, 220V power system that underlines our commitment to delivering superior performance and steadfast availability.

Our server infrastructure is hosted within a carrier-neutral facility, strategically enabling seamless and robust connections with a broad range of service providers, ISPs, and cloud platforms. This network versatility fosters enhanced performance and unyielding reliability, thus ensuring a consistently superior user experience.

More than a mere assembly of servers, our setup is a comprehensively designed ecosystem meticulously architected to achieve maximum efficiency. Leveraging location flexibility, our infrastructure can be configured across multiple strategic points to guarantee optimal network connectivity and minimized latency.

Direct peering arrangements with major local and international internet exchanges ensure broad bandwidth and unwavering connectivity. Coupled with floor and inter-floor cross-connect cabling, we have fostered a well-connected network capable of facilitating smooth data transfer between servers and racks.

Our infrastructure is further enhanced with a suite of cutting-edge networking devices, including industry-leading routers and switches. Services such as KVM over IP for remote server management, alongside on-site technical support and smart hands as a service, amplify our operational efficiency.

To guarantee optimal performance and longevity of our hardware, a tightly regulated environment is maintained. Our facility features controlled air temperature and humidity, ensuring the hardware operates within optimal conditions. Additionally, we have installed a UPS and backup power generators to mitigate the risk of power interruptions.

Security is paramount. Our facility, with ISO 27001 certification, employs a rigorous system of access control with logging and video surveillance, ensuring a safe and secure environment for our infrastructure. Additional safety measures such as fire alarms and smoke protection systems are in place to protect our hardware. A dedicated network operations center, operational 24/7, stands ready to promptly address any technical concerns.

Our setup also incorporates a raised floor design, an element that demonstrates our meticulous attention to detail. This design improves air distribution and cable management, leading to thermal efficiency and a well-organized operational environment.