Machines at rack

Our primary goal is to deliver a high-performance and secure blockchain infrastructure that fosters trust and reliability. We aim to achieve this by focusing on the critical elements of blockchain technology - namely, ensuring high single-thread performance for validator services, and low latency for RPC services, among others.

Validator services in blockchain infrastructures demand high single-thread performance due to the nature of their operations. Validators, in essence, validate transactions and blocks within the blockchain. They act as the arbitrators of the system, ensuring the veracity and accuracy of the information being added to the blockchain. This is an intensive process that involves complex computations and encryption, thus requiring a high-performance, single-thread system to maintain efficiency.

The low latency required for our RPC services is another vital factor in our hardware design. RPC, or Remote Procedure Call, is a protocol that allows a computer program to execute a procedure in another address space, usually on another network, without the programmer needing to explicitly code for this functionality. In simpler terms, it's a way for systems to talk to each other. Low latency in these operations is crucial to ensure a smooth and seamless dialogue between various systems within the blockchain. A delay or a lag in these communications can cause bottlenecks, leading to a slowdown in overall operations.

The hardware components and their configurations we have selected are specifically designed to address these needs. By leveraging advanced technologies like the AMD Ryzen 9 7950X for its superior single-thread performance, DDR5 memory for fast data retrieval, and NVMe SSDs for their exceptional speed in data storage and retrieval, we aim to provide an infrastructure that can effectively handle the demands of blockchain technology.

Our infrastructure is also designed to ensure scalability and flexibility. As the demands of the blockchain ecosystem grow, so too should our capacity to handle these increasing demands. Hence, our hardware design also incorporates elements that will allow us to easily scale up our operations when necessary.

In essence, our hardware is purpose-built to deliver high-performance blockchain operations that are secure, reliable, and capable of scaling with the demands of the evolving blockchain ecosystem.