BKK03 - Bootnode/RPC


CPU: AMD Ryzen™ 9 7950X3D 16-Core 32-Thread 5NM

The AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D, with its 16-core 32-thread architecture, is the driving force behind our server's high performance. The CPU's multi-core design and high clock speeds are specifically optimized for blockchain applications, ensuring efficient chain synchronization and reliable endpoint service.

Featuring advanced technologies like PCI Express® 5.0 and DDR5, the CPU provides rapid data transfer, essential for low-latency blockchain transactions. The large 128MB L3 cache further bolsters performance by facilitating quick access to frequently used data, enhancing efficiency.

CPU Cooling System



Thermalright aluminium alloy AM5 frame

Cooling efficiency is paramount in maintaining stable performance. Our server utilizes the COOLSERVER P32 AM5 Server CPU Cooler, in conjunction with the Thermalright AM5 frame, to maximize cooling capabilities.

Motherboard: AsRock Rack B650D4U-2L2T/BCM(LGA 1718) Dual 10G LAN

This Micro-ATX motherboard stands as a testament to AsRock's engineering prowess, blending high-performance consumer technology with the robustness of server-grade hardware. The board offers full PCIe 5.0 support and features up to 7 M.2 slots for NVMe storage, enhancing data transfer speeds. Its compatibility with DDR5 ECC UDIMM memory further underlines its suitability for demanding server applications.

Memory: 4x 32GB MICRON DDR5 UDIMM/ECC 4800MHz

Our selection of server-grade DDR5 memory modules provides substantial bandwidth for smooth server operations. Equipped with ECC technology, these modules maintain data integrity, ensuring the reliability of our transactions.

SSD Expansion: NVMe PCIe RAID Adapter 4 Ports NVME SSD to PCI-E 4.0 X16

This expansion card plays a vital role in our data management strategy by enabling the integration of top-tier NVMe SSDs. It contributes to our server's responsiveness by facilitating faster access to stored data.

Storage: 5x 2TB Hanye ME70 NVMe PCI-E4.0 7200mb/s

Our system's storage is equipped with 2TB High-Performance ME70 M.2 NVMe SSDs, providing 12TB of high-speed storage. The SSDs' Gen4 PCIe tech and LDPC error correction ensure quick data access and integrity.


2023-07-31 13:55:08 Running machine benchmarks...
2023-07-31 13:55:34
| Category | Function       | Score       | Minimum     | Result            |
| CPU      | BLAKE2-256     | 1.56 GiBs   | 783.27 MiBs | ✅ Pass (203.8 %) |
| CPU      | SR25519-Verify | 788.10 KiBs | 560.67 KiBs | ✅ Pass (140.6 %) |
| Memory   | Copy           | 27.73 GiBs  | 11.49 GiBs  | ✅ Pass (241.3 %) |
| Disk     | Seq Write      | 2.99 GiBs   | 950.00 MiBs | ✅ Pass (322.0 %) |
| Disk     | Rnd Write      | 1.29 GiBs   | 420.00 MiBs | ✅ Pass (313.4 %) |
From 5 benchmarks in total, 5 passed and 0 failed (10% fault tolerance).
2023-07-31 13:55:34 The hardware meets the requirements
Read Latency Statistics in nanoseconds:
Minimum: 520 ns
Maximum: 22540 ns
Mean: 914.595734 ns
Standard Deviation: 222.087316 ns
Read IOPS: 953140.861971

Chassis: 1U Case, TGC H1-400

Power Supply Unit: 400W Compuware 80 PLUS Platinum PSU

KVM: Asrock Rack BCM/IPMI

The AsRock Rack motherboard includes a BCM for remote control, offering robust management capabilities.